Michigan Marijuana Laws & Penalties

The tables below will show you a break down of the Michigan Marijuana laws and penalties based on possession amount, cultivation amount, and sale amount. Please keep in mind some of these laws do not apply if you are a patient or caregiver of medical marijuana and legally carry a card in the state of Michigan. To see additional information about possession amounts for patients and caregivers visit our State Laws page.

PossessionIncarcerationFine Amount
Marijuana useMisdemeanor, 90 days jail time$100
Any possession amountMisdemeanor, 1 year jail time$2,000
In a parkMisdemeanor, 2 year jail time$2,000

CultivationIncarcerationFine Amount
Less than 20 plantsFelony, 4 years jail time$20,000
20 to 200 plantsFelony, 7 years jail time$500,000
200 or more plantsFelony, 15 years jail time$10,000,000

SaleIncarcerationFine Amount
Distribution without remunerationMisdemeanor, 1 year jail time$1,000
Less than 5 kgFelony, 4 years jail time$20,000
5 to 45 kgFelony, 7 years jail time$500,000
45 kg or moreFelony, 15 years jail time$10,000,000

MiscellaneousIncarcerationFine Amount
Paraphernalia saleMisdemeanor, 90 days jail time$5,000

  • Six month suspension of driver’s license upon conviction for marijuana charges.

Ann Arbor, Michigan: The penalty for being caught with marijuana is $25.00 USD for the first offense, $50.00 for the second offense and $100.00 for the third offense or subsequent offense (and no incarceration or probation). However, laws do not apply on university property including dorm rooms. The university has a much more strict policy on possession and/or use of marijuana.

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