10 Marijuana Related Facts That May Change Your Opinion

Cannabis also referred to as Marijuana or weed is an herb that is used in treatment and cure. Although the use of marijuana is banned in many countries, it is […]

Cannabis also referred to as Marijuana or weed is an herb that is used in treatment and cure. Although the use of marijuana is banned in many countries, it is the most commonly used recreational drug all over the world. Cannabis is used as an alternative treatment for nausea, vomiting and also used as a medical application for hunger stimulation among individuals that have undergone chemotherapy sessions. Although several studies commissioned by governments of various countries reveal that prolonged usage of marijuana leads to psychotic disorders, several individuals that have passed age 100 in China and other Asian countries claim the secret of their long life is marijuana. Cannabis is a popular herb that is used in traditional Chinese medicine. Majority of old men and women in China have been using the herb in different forms since a young age. These facts contradict the popular belief that psychosomatic disorders are highest among marijuana users. Here are 10 marijuana related facts that may make you change your opinion.

1. Marijuana is the most consumed recreational drug all around the world. Although it is banned in several countries, it is easily available on the streets. Being less toxic and cheaper than other recreational drugs such as street cocaine, ecstasy and cocaine, marijuana is preferred by individuals that love a mind altering high.

2. The risk of cancer, respiratory disease and lung infections is less among marijuana smokers than tobacco smokers. Yes, your good old cigarette is more harmful than the humble J (Joint). In fact cancer risks from common foods such as dairy products, meat and salt are higher than cancer risk among marijuana users.

3. Medical Cannabis is used as alternative medicine in various forms for cancer patients, HIV/AIDS patients, and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Although medical marijuana has not been approved by the Medical Fraternity in many countries, research on cannabis extracts is being carried out. In many countries Cannabis is used as a traditional herbal medicine to cure nausea and vomiting. Medical cannabis can be administered in the form of capsules, vaporization, dry-bud inhalation, drinking extracts, and chewing supplements.

4. The highest number of marijuana users is in the U.S. The highest number of marijuana arrests made is also in the U.S. Although marijuana is illegal in most U.S. states and several other countries it is easily available. As cannabis cultivation does not require much of rocket science, most regular users grow the wonder-herb in their backyard or indoors in containers.

5. Several individuals around the world are voicing their opinion in regard with legalizing marijuana. Making marijuana available legally is being considered by various countries to ensure crime, violence and consumption is reduced. In today’s times it is easier for an underage individual to get marijuana on the street than a cigarette packet at a convenience store. By legalizing marijuana individuals will be able to make purchases at fixed rate unlike an illegal weed dealer that fixes his own price.

6. Cannabis leaf has come to be one of the most important symbols of our time. The unique shape of this leaf has been used in many art forms to express freedom of choice. Cannabis leaves and weed-related messages on tee-shirts have become increasingly popular over the years.

7. Marijuana smoking is less addictive than tobacco smoking, alcohol, or heroin. Although studies reveal that hearing impairment and memory loss are associated with regular marijuana users, this popular belief is debated by marijuana users. Most old men and women in China that have passed the age of 100 give credit for their health and long life to cannabis. It may seem surprising to many but the truth is most individuals in Asian countries that have passed age 100 confess to have taken up smoking marijuana at a young age.

8. Analysts are of the opinion that marijuana should be legalized because it will bring about a welcome economic change in backward, developing and developed economies. If marijuana is legalized a whole new industry will be born. Several countries will benefit greatly from the marijuana industry. A marijuana industry will provide job opportunities to several unemployed people. If every country legalizes Marijuana economic growth of underdeveloped countries will improve a great deal.

9. Money that is acquired through sales of illegal marijuana goes into strengthening other illegal activities such as arms trade and bootlegging. Huge money is acquired from selling illegal consignments of marijuana in various countries. Most of the money acquired through large marijuana deals goes into purchasing weapons for operational gangs of drug lords in various parts of the world. By legalizing marijuana countries will be able to curb illegal activities.

10. The benefits of medicinal Cannabis cannot be ignored. In a few countries medicinal marijuana is sold over the counter for therapeutic use.

Taking into consideration the fact that the benefits of marijuana outnumber its harms it won’t be long before countries take the decision to legalize marijuana.

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