10 Facts About Medical Marijuana

Marijuana is a term most individuals are familiar with. Although this herb is used in several medical applications, it is often used by individuals to attain a desired high. Debates […]

Marijuana is a term most individuals are familiar with. Although this herb is used in several medical applications, it is often used by individuals to attain a desired high. Debates about whether marijuana should be legalized are reaching higher ground. Many are of the opinion that cannabis should be legalized because it is less harmful than tobacco. However, marijuana also has its fair share of individuals that are against its legalization. Here are 10 facts about marijuana that will help you make up your mind in the battle for or against this sweet smelling herb.

1. Marijuana is the most commonly available recreational drug globally. In comparison with other recreational drugs, marijuana is cheaper, less potent, less toxic and easily available. Research reveals that most marijuana smokers cultivate their own plant in flower pots.

2. Although medical cannabis has proved effective in treatments and disorders, it is illegal in most countries. Several individuals that support medical cannabis have documented medical benefits of this herb in; however their voice has been ignored.

3. Risk of cancer and respiratory diseases and illnesses is higher with cigarette smokers. Cringe and squirm all you want puffing tobacco, it’s true. Marijuana smokers are less likely to develop lung related diseases or cancer. Unlike tobacco, marijuana has a calming effect on the mind when used in low quantities and consumed regularly.

4. An individual smoking tobacco and consuming alcohol is more likely to be addicted than an individual only smoking marijuana. Individuals doing recreational drugs such as Ecstasy, Heroin or Cocaine can get habituated easily because of high toxicity levels. Being low toxic herb, Marijuana consumption can be controlled or stopped easily without harsh withdrawal symptoms.

5. The highest number of accidents caused all around the world is by drunk drivers. Even so, individuals caught with possession of marijuana and are not under the influence of liquor are served a stiffer sentence under a marijuana-related -episode even if they are not involved in crashes or collisions. Strange and ridiculous as it may sound, it’s true.

6. More than 60% of teen house parties all over the world are reported to have a steady flow of drugs. This may be a matter of grave concern. Research reveals that when marijuana is available at a party most individuals do not experiment with other drugs. Large amounts of marijuana along with alcohol are less lethal than heroin or cocaine in combination with alcohol. Marijuana related deaths are far less than death due to consumption of alcohol, tobacco, heroin or cocaine.

7. Doses of medical Cannabis have been used in medical applications for treatment of Schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, HIV/AIDS and Multiple Sclerosis. In medical cannabis, Cannabidiol is the chief constituent used in prescribed treatments. Although marijuana is used as an alternative treatment in it has not been legalized as a treatment drug in many countries. Cannabis is an important herb among the many used in traditional Chinese medicine. Dosage can be administered in the form of vaporization, smoking dried herb buds, eating or drinking extracts.

8. Marijuana in small doses along with Chinese herbal tea is known to have a calming effect on themind. Most Chinese men and women who have passed the age of 100 have admitted to smoking marijuana for longevity and clarity in thought. As opposed many reports by researchers suggest that memory loss and hearing impairments are high among marijuana users. If you need proof to be documented visit the eastern province of China.

9. The highest number of soldiers to indulge in marijuana smoking was during the Vietnam War. Although the U.S. government had not permitted use of marijuana to its soldiers, the easy availability of this plant in jungles of Vietnam couldn’t keep away newbie’s from exploring. Marijuana during the Vietnam War eased mental and physical pain of American soldiers. Writings in pocket notebooks and journals of soldiers that served in Vietnam throw light on the fact that marijuana use during the Vietnam War was rampant.

10. Among all the recreational drugs available Marijuana has the lowest user related deaths. Both high potency and low potency marijuana are less toxic than other available party drugs. Marijuana users are less likely to be involved in high speed crashes than cocaine, alcohol or heroin users.

While many may feel legalizing marijuana in every country may not be the right move by the ruling government, the benefits are several. Economy of countries will improve drastically because of emergence of the marijuana industry. Once marijuana is legalized the crime rate in hostile neighborhoods all over the world will reduce significantly. Being illegal the price of marijuana is expensive in Western world. The moment this wonder herb is legalized prices will drop automatically. Ultimately, it’s you that decides whether marijuana should be legalized, or not. Are you in favor of Marijuana being legalized, or against it? Take your time, make a wise decision.

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